Molecular Frontiers of Cancer

Cancer, a complex group of diseases characterized by uncontrolled cell growth, poses a formidable challenge worldwide. Its impact on society is profound, affecting millions of lives and presenting a substantial burden on healthcare systems. The need for comprehensive research to unravel the intricacies of cancer biology and develop advanced strategies for diagnosis and treatment has never been more crucial.

The Cancer Research Program at CIC bioGUNE is a multidimensional exploration focused on unraveling the complexities of cancer, specifically targeting Prostate, Breast, Colorectal, and Liver cancers. 

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This program encompasses several crucial research areas:

• Molecular Basis of Cancer Progression: Investigating the molecular signatures and signaling pathways that drive the progression of Prostate, Breast, Colorectal, and Liver cancers. Our goal is to identify potential targets for precision medicine and advance the development of tailored therapeutic interventions.

• Precision Medicine in Cancer Treatment: Applying precision medicine approaches to develop targeted therapies for different cancer types. This includes deciphering the genetic and molecular variations that contribute to cancer heterogeneity and tailoring treatments accordingly.

• Biomarker Discovery for Diagnostic Advancements: Identifying and validating biomarkers that enhance cancer diagnostics and prognostics. Through advanced molecular profiling and bioinformatics analyses, we aim to contribute to the development of reliable biomarkers for various cancer types.