The FRONTIERS project activities are supervised and accompanied by a strong advisory board. The Advisory Board’s main role is to advise the FRONTIERS Team in the design of residency program and in the selection of applicants, ensuring the independency of the program.

Advisory Board Members are renowned actors in the areas of science and science journalism and constitute FRONTIERS’ most important ambassadors.

Anne Glover


Former Chief scientific advisor of the European Commission; Irish-Scottish biologist and academic.


Fred Balvert


(The Netherlands)
Head of Communications at Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam.


Wojtek Brzeziński


Science journalist; Fellow of the Knight Science Journalism Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Eva Rodríguez


Science Journalist; Coordinator of the Spanish Scientific Information and News Service (Agencia SINC).


Patrick Haggard

University College-London; Secretary of the Association of ERC grantees.

Erez Garty

Head of Health Impact at the Israeli Ministry of Health; former Head of science communications at the Davidson Institute of Science Education, Weizmann Institute of Science.

Andrada Fiscutean

Science journalist; Former Fellow of Knight Science Journalism Program @MIT.

Jadranka Jezersek

Science communicator.

Peter Mayr


Director of International Relations at University of Salzburg.



Michele Catanzaro

Science journalist; Former journalist at Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies; Former Board Member of the Spanish Association of Science Communication and of the Catalan association of science communicators.

Pampa Garcia


Science journalist; Coordinator of the Science Media Center in Spain.