The FRONTIERS project will develop and implement an independent, credible, and ethical residency program for science journalists in European research institutions.

The program will implement between 30 to 40 journalistic residencies over the course of four years. Journalists will spend between three to five months in residency in one or more European research institutions of their choice.

Calls for applications will focus on innovative frontier research, like basic science and highly innovative research fields, hardly disseminated among the lay public.


3-5 months to work on science journalism projects at a research institution involved in frontier research in the European Union and associated countries.


Beneficiaries of the project are science journalists.

Frontier Research

Residencies are meant to provide selected science journalists with the opportunity to explore aspects of frontier research of their interest, working side by side – on a peer-to-peer basis – with scientists.


The hallmark of the project is the total independence of resident science journalists, as a precondition for a better coverage of complex scientific topics in the best interest of society.

NOTE: Beneficiaries are not expected to report on the research institutions. Any kind of reporting activity is solely decided by the science journalist.