ERC@UC Science Journalism Initiative

Research Projects at UC:

  • Dulce Freire, Rural History, Starting Grant (StG), SH3, ERC-2017-STG, ReSEED, Rescuing seeds’ heritage: engaging in a new framework of agriculture and innovation since the 18th century. Hosting conditions: Image/ video journalist for 5 months in early 2024;
  • Jorge Almeida, Cognitive Neurosciences, Starting Grant (StG), SH4, ERC-2018-STG, ContentMAP, Contentotopic mapping: the topographical organization of object knowledge in the brain. Hosting conditions: 1st semester of 2024;
  • Bárbara Gomes, End of life care, Starting Grant (StG), SH3, ERC-2020-STG, EOLinPLACE, Choice of where we die: a classification reform to discern diversity in individual end-of-life pathways. Hosting conditions: Oct 2024 – Feb 2025 would be good for us but can also consider other later dates.
  • Leona Polyanskaya, Multilingualism, Starting Grant (StG), SH4, ERC-2021-STG, TypoMetaLing, Effect of linguistic experience on metacognition in language tasks and transfer to non-linguistic behaviour. Hosting conditions: April-June 2024 or September-December 2024.