Complexity Science Hub

Based in Vienna, the Complexity Science Hub (CSH) is Europe’s research center for translating data into solutions for a better world. A core of CSH’s mission is to conduct independent research in complexity science, addressing key challenges facing society and the planet that cannot be solved by traditional disciplinary approaches. For example, pandemics, the economy, and human migration are all manifestations of multiple interconnected, dynamic, and co-evolving networks that complexity science is uniquely suited to describe.

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CSH researchers have expertise across a wide range of topics, from algorithms to zoonoses and many in between. CSH researchers share the common languages of physics, computation, statistics and applied mathematics and often specialize in one or more additional disciplines, such as sociology, economics, or medicine.
At CSH, researchers extract meaning from the vast amount of data representing our planet’s various dimensions: economics, migration, health, climate change, social values, urban development, and more. With this knowledge, they seek insights that are useful for both science and society, and they can make evidence-based statements about how complex systems will respond to change and propose realistic interventions to move them in a positive direction for society.