Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology & Centre for Innovative Biomedicine and Biotechnology

CiBB – Centre for Innovative Biomedicine and Biotechnology, is a Research Center of excellence in the domains of Biomedicine and Biotechnology, which results from a consortium joining CNC-UC — Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology and iCBR – Coimbra Institute for Clinical and Biomedical Research. In 2024, the Teaming projects MIA-Portugal: Multidisciplinary Institute of Ageing and GeneT – Gene Therapy Center of Excellence have integrated the CiBB multidisciplinary structure.

We can offer an exciting opportunity to delve into the dynamic world of biomedical research and science communication. This fellowship provides hands-on experience in communicating biomedical discoveries through various mediums, including media interactions, video production, and social media management. The FRONTIERS fellows will have the chance to collaborate with an experienced and passionate team, learning and contributing to effective strategies in scientific communication.
The fellowship allows for direct interaction with top researchers in four distinct areas of biomedicine, providing a comprehensive insight into the latest findings and trends in biomedical research.

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Furthermore, the work environment fosters a strong culture of science communication, offering fellows a full immersion into the realm of scientific outreach. Fellows will have the opportunity to develop essential communication skills, create engaging content, and broaden the reach of scientific discoveries to the general public. This fellowship is ideal for professionals interested in exploring the intersection of science, journalism, and digital communication while collaborating with a multidisciplinary and inspiring team.

This offers an immersive experience within the vibrant ecosystem of CNC-UC / CiBB, providing fellows with unique access to the forefront of biomedical research and science communication. Fellows will be fully integrated into the CNC-UC / CiBB community and will have the opportunity to attend weekly scientific seminars and thematic retreats, gaining invaluable insights into cutting-edge research across various biomedical disciplines. They will actively participate in the institution’s science communication dynamics, engaging in various outreach activities and gaining access to scientific platforms to observe experiments and scientific endeavors firsthand.

More about CiBB
With the largest critical mass of researchers in the Centre Region of Portugal, internationally recognized and linked to the Faculties of Pharmacy, Medicine, Sciences and Technology and Economics, as well as to the Institute of Interdisciplinary Research and to the Coimbra University Hospital, CiBB has a high-level of scientific production and attracts talent and funding at national and international levels.

The CiBB stands as the flagship of Biomedical and Biotechnology Sciences at the University of Coimbra (UC). It is the largest R&D Unit in the center region of Portugal and the sole UC-coordinated Associate Laboratory (top 100% evaluation), welcoming circa 700 members.
CiBB comprises 37 dynamic and multidisciplinary research groups, dedicated to understanding how and why diseases develop, particularly those associated with aging, and translating this understanding into clinical applications and technological breakthroughs.
Structured around four thematic pillars, CIBB’s mission spans diverse areas:
1. Neuroscience and Disease: Delving into brain function and dysfunction in disorders such as neurodegenerative diseases, neuropsychiatric conditions, and vision impairments.
2. Metabolism, Aging, and Disease: Investigating the cellular and molecular underpinnings of metabolic dysfunction and aging, and their impact on age-related diseases.
3. Innovative Therapies: Harnessing the potential of stem cells, genetic interventions, and pharmaceuticals to pioneer new treatments for neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, oncological, and infectious conditions.
4. Healthcare Challenges: Tackling healthcare challenges by promoting evidence-based decision-making, engaging citizens, and finding innovative solutions for aging-related questions.
CiBB is committed to nurturing talent, through robust international training programs at the master’s and doctoral levels. Additionally, CiBB bridges the gap between research and society through effective communication and public engagement initiatives.
In collaboration with the Coimbra University Hospital and its Clinical Academic Center, CiBB leverages its strong ties to clinical practice, facilitating the translation of fundamental research findings into clinical benefits. Moreover, CiBB invests on the transformation of scientific breakthroughs into intellectual property, fostering technology transfer and the creation of economic value.

Note: We are open to developing projects that encompass a broader scope, involving communication across different areas of the center, and/or focusing on specific ongoing research projects within the center.