Cavendish Laboratory

For 150 years, the Cavendish Laboratory has been at the forefront of scientific discovery. Our researchers work at the frontier of physics, from experimental and theoretical through to applied physics in biology, biomedicine and the life sciences, and the physics of sustainability.
The core of the Laboratory’s programme has been, and continues to be, experimental physics, supported by excellence in theory. Much of our research and teaching has been driven by the desire to understand physics at its most basic level and to answer many of the ‘big questions’ in physics.

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We work across ten key research themes: Astrophysics, Physics of Soft Matter and NanoSystems, Energy Materials, Applied Quantum Physics and Devices, Physics of Life, High Energy Physics, Theory of Condensed Matter, Synthetic Quantum Systems, Fundamental Physics of Quantum Matter and Quantum Information and Control.
These fields encompass a variety of research groups, eachin with its own scientific aims and ambitions but united by two common goals:
– the search for a fundamental understanding of the Universe and the laws that govern it
– seeking new ways to apply the laws of nature.